Thursday, February 04, 2010

It was a Thursday on the fourth day of February
(17 years ago)
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There is so much going on in my heart, my mind and my life that I basically avoid writing here on this blog. I do my best to be purposeful and thoughtful. In fact, earlier this morning I knew exactly what I was going to write about and it was going to take time and well, I don't have a lot of time this morning and my favorite time to write is in the morning. So, I decided I will be even more vulnerable than I already feel and exercise the act of writing. Consider yourself warned close the window of the browser if you wish to stop reading.

Today is my youngest child's seventeenth birthday. Yes Michael is 1 7 and is growing into quite a young man (I don't mean that in the way my father used that with my brothers when they were 7 and 5.) I mean he is a young adult. I am stingy with praise and I appreciate hard work. Michael is a deep thinker, a philosopher and wishes to pursue the truth. Last May Michael and I started working together at my brother in law's store. I would work with Michael in any environment. He applies himself to whatever task he is given, submits to authority and exercises authority when it is given to him. Michael looks people in the eye, does his best to take care of his customers quickly and keep things orderly. Whether he is stocking the shelves, making the coffee or on the register, he shows care and concern for the people, for the store and for his uncle.
As much as Michael is methodical, he is also flexible. This young man has moved more times than years he has been alive. Although most of those moves have been in the last 7 years. Since, I have just gone a little random with that last paragraph. I will close. I love my son, Michael Mullaney. (deprived of a middle name, he has acquired many but that is for another blog post) I am proud of you Michael! Happy Birthday!!!

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Joanne said...

What a wonderful tribute to your son and to you and Dan for the loving parents you both are. Happy Birthday Michael.