Saturday, February 13, 2010

On the Fly Review
With a little fear and trembling, the book that I would like to review first has been read, reviewed, burned, band and lasted through the centuries. I am not finished with it yet and it is one of those books that I returned to again and again. "The Bible" that is how I refer to it most of the time. It has been called The Holy Bible, The Scriptures, God's Word, The Old and New Testaments. A collection of books with over 40 authors is considered God inspired, infallible, and inerrant. Whether you agree or disagree with those descriptions, you must admit it has stood the test of time.

Some people call themselves Bible believin' and one may or may not believe the words contained in this collection of books. This is my review on the fly and so far I haven't given you my thoughts. Guess I am leading up to that: In my opinion, the Bible is a love letter. There are a whole lot of other things in the Bible but the Love factor is the thing that gets me time and again.
God's love letter to mankind, that is the way I look at the Bible. I am not just talking about "God is love" New Testament kind of love but also, "you Israel have forgotten the Lord" still loves them kind of love lined with mercy. It has all the elements of love, commitment, devotion, passion, and of course the Unexpected: God taking on flesh and sacrificing himself for us motivated by love.
Father God made us.
The Son died to save us.
The Holy Spirit gives us life.

Pick up your copy today. Currently, I am reading the English Standard Version

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