Friday, January 22, 2010

Originally drafted the morning of the 14th day of January 2010

(Today the sky is shades of pinks, grays and blues)


The birds, the earth, the trees, the mountains and the sea wait with expectation. We all see her coming those who arise before she arrives. She sends burst of colors oranges and grays today and the oranges have turned into soft purples with the dark gray covering clouds.




OURS is to simply welcome the new day. The Dawn she is the one who is greeted or ignored or cursed. The One who set the Sun in the sky and gave the Earth its axel is the Giver of each new day. Do we arise to Praise Him? Do we arise to just meet our own agenda? Are we looking at the clock and thinking, there really are not enough hours in this day? Or do we look at The Clock and count it as the Master of the Day?

Purple turning pink with a brightness that shouts "She is coming! Be ready! Ready to be kissed and hugged. Awoken with the brilliance of a new day. Will you stand to greet her? Any moment now, she will burst forth over the horizon and mesmerize you as a restrained ball of fire, reminding you that you do not rule the day. The day is a gift to be received with gratitude and we are to make the most of it for Another.

Dawn still comes if you are in the midst of a personal tragedy, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or anything that we may not wish to contend with. There is an opportunity to recover, restore, rise up. Meet this day! Go through with it! Greet it in spite of the pain, the work, and the heart ache.

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