Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Backing off the Edge but gaining ground on the road

For years I have said that I would rather drive in a blizzard than rain. That was until I was run off the road by a sander the day after Christmas. Taking in the elements is still something I relish. The wild is not just the weather. It is also the other drivers and road equipment. When you make it through the storm to yours destination the old feeling of "conquering the Nor'eastah" gives way to "gratitude for traveling mercies granted."

2010 = the continuation of lots of changes for our family. The one constant in life is change. However, some changes pack more of a punch than others. With determination, rolling with those punches is the key to coming out on top. Fighting the changes results in sure defeat and causes the greatest pain. There is always a degree of pain in change. As a somewhat demented teenager I had some favorite sayings. One from a movie, "Life is pain, pain is everything, you will learn."
I am still making my way to "Life is beautiful" - the snow covered branches of the bare trees is beautiful and can be dangerous. Perhaps I am coming into a balanced view of life. Life according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary states in its first 15 definitions for the noun:
1 a : the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body b : a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings c : an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction
2 a : the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual b : one or more aspects of the process of living <sex life of the frog>
3 : biography 1
4 : spiritual existence transcending physical death
5 a : the period from birth to death b : a specific phase of earthly existence c : the period from an event until death d : a sentence of imprisonment for the remainder of a convict's life
6 : a way or manner of living
7 :
8 : a vital or living being; specifically : person lives were lost in the disaster>
9 : an animating and shaping force or principle
10 : spirit, animation
11 : the form or pattern of something existing in reality
12 : the period of duration, usefulness, or popularity of something
13 : the period of existence (as of a subatomic particle) — compare half-life
14 : a property (as resilience or elasticity) of an inanimate substance or object resembling the animate quality of a living being
15 : living beings (as of a particular kind or environment)

I've italicized number 11 and embolden the word reality. So 2010 I will embrace all that life with dish out joy, sorrow, peace, pain, death, suffering, strength, challenges, success and struggle.

Mullaney Notes from the Journey (possibly coming soon)

The last Christmas letter I wrote and sent out in the regular US Post was in December of 2006 and I am not sure if I even sent it out. A whole lot has happened in the last 3 years and young adults have grown, our address has changed 6 times since then and I am considering writing one. If I do write one perhaps I will put an excerpt or 2 here on my blog.

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