Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Masters Moment
So many doing their share,
so many showing how much they care,
It makes little difference what it will take,
but every bit how they communicate.

Their was one not like all guests,
So worried about possibly getting messed
by the work that was required by the rest.
She did her best to look the part,
Before my eyes I saw her heart.
In a moment, I saw with My Father's eyes,
this sister does not realize,
that the joy is in giving and not in false show.
She is missing out and may never know.

Have compassion on this one,
who is missing out on all the fun.
Look beyond her smug face,
she does not live within my grace.

I have learned to live to Him,
to work with others in a light
that never dims.
Often at times it requiring sweat, dirt and a mustard
stained suit. Pulling together and who gives a hoot?
Sweat will dry, dirt washes off, the new suit will fade.
Hearts are knit together, the work is done,
We've become family except for the one.

The selfish one has missed the joy,
because she despises the tools I use
to make life richer, fuller and true.
Look with compassion, do not resent,
You looked to me and there she went.

Putting on an apron to look the part,
Thinking that she was being smart,
She does not draw close to the Father's heart.
Her actions said look at me, I am helping out here
thinking she had nothing to fear.
There I was behind the scenes,
getting a sense of how at times He feels
with what my own actions reveal.

I walked away smiling feeling sad for the girl,
who cared more for her reputation than the pearl.
The one not found in the oyster shell,
but having such great value only our actions can tell.
by Catherine Mullaney
writing to you from Ponchatoula, LA

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