Sunday, January 01, 2006

"God - let me be aware.
Let me not stumble blindly down the ways,
Just getting somehow safely through the days,
Not even groping for another hand,
Not even wondering why it all was planned,
Eyes to the ground unseeking for the light,
Soul never aching for a wild-winged flight.
Please, keep me eager just to do my share,
God - let me eager just to do my share.
God - let me be aware.

God - let me be aware.
Stabe my soul fiercely with others' pain,
Let me walk seeing horror and stain.
Let me hands, groping, find other hands.
Give me the heart that divines, understands.
Give me the courage, wounded, to fight.
Flood me with knowledge, drench me in light.
Please keep me eager just to do my share.
God - let me be aware."
by Miriam Teichner

This poem was quoted in my E. Stanley Jones in the devotional I just finish today. I thought it was good enough to share on my blog here in cyberspace.
Pax et annum faustum,

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