Saturday, January 28, 2006

Back from Louisiana
I wrote the following on January 17th, 2006 in one of my travel journals. The event described happened on the 16th.

Last night we stayed at Ramada Inn in Pensacola – still in Florida after 2 days travel – before checking in we went to the beach and ate at Surfburger. It was a great time of fellowship for all.
After the meal the kids went out to the beach, while Tom, Cory and I sat and talked a good while. The waitress cleared our dishes and left us to enjoy our time together and before we knew it the floor was swept, bar stools were on top of the bar and suddenly the lights came on – “Last call” I said and Cory laughed. The waitress and the cook were cashing out and practically ready to lock up before we headed out. It was time to find those kids.
We walked down the stairs (at least 20 of them since the restaurant was on stilts) directly onto the beach. The three of us were wondering out loud and looking up and down the beach – no sign of our children. As we continued our conversation I thought I heard singing so I interrupted and said, “Listen I think I hear singing.” We happened to be standing directly in front of a pier – I looked and thought I got a glimpse of someone standing near one of the boats docked there. So I walked out onto the pier. I didn’t hear them singing right away but I could tell that it was a group of kids huddled together. The thought went through my mind “I hope those are our kids.”
“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty . . .” seven teenage voices singing in harmony ~ it was the song on the wind I had heard just a few minutes before – I waved for Tom & Cory to come on – it was indeed our kids.
We kept our distance & savored the moment letting them finish out their song. At the very end of the pier our children invited the presence of the Lord and He came.
The three of us were humbled by the sight of our children (the Holy Huddle).
Were those tears in Tom’s eyes while he declared to Cory and me “this is what the trip is all about.”?

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