Friday, July 22, 2005

Today....I can't wait to see Grace!!!
Yesterday, my daughter Grace called me 3 times. What a gift for me that she is looking forward to seeing me just as much as I am her. I really really miss her...and I am glad. Now, that seems like an oxymoron....but not if you know that my relationship with her has grown so much this past year. We are in that mysterious time known as the teen years. It is actually a time of great change and transition.
In a matter of weeks Grace will turn 16 and she will tell you that she still needs her mama but we are starting to become friends. She still wants and needs our guidance but she is a young adult and is growing up (when she is suppose to...I didn't start to grow up til I was 19). This is a time that I am cherishing and keeping in my heart. I am so grateful to be on this journey with our 3 children especially as they are walking out of childhood and into adulthood.
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