Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Any thoughts of returning to smoking was snuffed out last night - Dan and I attended a smoking AA meeting. We stayed for the whole meeting, our eyes were burning, I could taste the smoke and our clothes stunk. I would suggest that anyone who might be thinking about smoking to go into an unventilated room for an hour and a half with 15 peoples smoking - I think it is a sure cure for the time being.

I drove over 800 miles NORTH to find myself in the deep south. The mountains are beautiful. The winding roads and hills remind me of NH. Cool mornings and evenings remind me of spring in Massachusetts. Too tired to write and I need to get ready to go to CA.
Love and Peace to all. CM

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Daniel M. said...

what ameeting huh? the no smoking section was two tables attached to many others where they were smoking! What ajoke! I guess we are now in the smokies!