Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Purpose for My Blog

I am so tempted to just move on (which I do plan on doing in January 2012) to a new blog address and continue my writing there. A fresh start. Last night and this morning I was going through my published posts. This blog was started in January 2004, nearly 8 years ago. The purpose was to journal about our journey along the Pilgrim Highway both in the spiritual sense with our sights set on the Celestial City and our travels up and down the east coast while Dan was a travel nurse and we lived in different places with our growing children.

The journey continues. We did take the plunge and become members of Bethlehem Bible Church (BBC) in West Boylston but more amazingly they took a gamble on us by welcoming in a couple of Ragamuffin Christians. I think we will add to the diversity of this local body of believers. ;-) We have been at the same address for 23 months now, with hope of staying in this area. Traveling, living and journeying with our children was the norm for many years. They very much are still on the Pilgrim Highway with us as we are all on the road with Jesus Christ who not only leads us but is The Way to The Father but our times together as a family physically is limited. We now make plans for those times. Michael is still home but has made a number of trips without us recently. He is working toward and looking forward to the next leg of his trip through this world.

My desire for both myself and Dan and our children, is that we will make a difference in the lives we touch both in this world and in the next. A spiritual father of mine, Sam Shoemaker who I only know through his writings, wrote a poem as an apologia for his life called I Stand at the Door. He never forgot about those who hadn't heard the good news of Jesus Christ who is the Door and he sought to point them to the Way. For those who found there way into the House of God and were scared off by those who were deep inside, Sam wanted to be there for those too and let them know that they didn't need to be afraid that it was much better in the House. The road is not always easy, in fact it is hard but we are journeying on with the LORD and one another. The destination is eternal joy, never ending glory and our Heavenly Father will be singing over us!

There is much happening in our world, some we need to stay clear of and much more that we need to be a part of. It has been said that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I don't think I agree. Our culture says we should avoid pain and suffering, that there ought to be a no tolerance policy. We (mankind) are entitled to all that is good upon the earth. In a perfect world that would be fine. Where is this thinking coming from? It has permeated much of American Christendom. I will contend that it is a misconception of the fall and particularly, the sin that has plagued men and women for all times. Out of one side of their mouth Americans will say "we deserve" and on the other side they excuse wrongs and say, "I am only human." There is truth in the latter. I am only human, inherently sinful. Our inclination is to be selfish and want our own way. There will be pain AND suffering in this world, we can run and hide from it or face it head on knowing that we are not alone. That there is One who understands, there is One that stands beside us, there is One who is walking through it with us.

The road is different when you watch your children, not just walking and running but flying. Now under the protection and care of their Heavenly Father but still at times coming back to us, walking with us desiring to be in the refuge of our family. There are others along the road too and we enjoy sweet fellowship there as well. There is that special bond between parents and children. A love for them like no other. We have always had our fellow pilgrims along the way but our perception changes when our children are no longer our constant companions. Our footing changes as well. Their young lives still occupy much of my mind and my prayers and at the same time, new avenues are opening up for me as a woman, a daughter of the King of Kings and my delight is in being His child. The changes continue to come fast and furious and just like the pace of the digital sphere that has become a part of our lives, I am doing my best to keep up and press on. Grateful for the road traveled thus far and looking with hope to the road ahead. Hopefully, that will include more writing.

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