Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting together & Gratitude

First, the get togethers: I was thinking about how in 15 to 30 minutes I can kinda check in with friends via facebook, twitter and oh yeah, email. Even if they live 15, 150, 300 or even 3000 miles away. If I really want to visit with someone, then I can place a phone call or text or skype or g-chat but it is not often that we walk down the street knock on some one's door and say, hi, how are you doing today? Our ways of socially interacting can be overwhelming at times.

So, there I was in my kitchen doing my best to remember how I kept in touch with people when I was 18 to 22. The phone answering machine! It was a time when the public restroom did not double as a "phone booth."My most frequent way to keep in touch was via the answering machine. Some people still have one in fact a friend of mine, screens ALL her calls. I like to leave long messages on it. It is kinda fun. Whether I was on my way home from work or having been dancing or to a movie, once I got closer to home, I would think, I wonder if so and so called back or I hope so and so called, we were suppose to get together this weekend. Some of my friends had pagers (and they were not all drug dealers), so they could get there calls "instantly." If they wanted to talk to that person, they went to the nearest pay phone or asked to use a phone.
Long conversation over coffee were uninterrupted unless another friend showed up at the coffee shop. We had no idea how our friends (near or far) were doing unless one of us dropped in on the other or picked up the phone. The time we took to be with each other, we gave all of our time and attention to that person. Sure on occasion, my mind would wonder but not too far unless of course, I planned on being rude. Rarely, did I dial in remotely to check my answering machine but I knew how to do it. (I am not scolding anyone here but it is making me think about being a better steward of my time.) It is good to think about and I don't like the fact that more and more I find my head down in my phone (an android, a portal to most anywhere in the digital world). Taking stock of my use of technology is not a bad idea. Did anyone say spot-check?

The last word on connecting with others and then we will move right into gratitude. The really old fashion way of keeping in touch - letter writing. I freely admit that it is still so fun to get a personal hand written letter in the mail. I got one just the other day. =)

We can also say appreciation or thanksgiving but I like to say, here I will express my gratitude. All of the following I link back to GOD who is our provider. The human beings who created things that I am grateful for are after all image bearers and since we are made in the image of The Creator - all the Glory can and will go to GOD.
Electricity gets the top of the list. There are friends who are getting through day 4 without it due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene.
Sump pump - we had water in the cellar due to the storm SO electricity gets another shout out!
My phone and all the phones in my phone plan that keep me connected to my family. We are land line free.
The laptop computer that I am writing this blog post upon
Social Networks especially those ones that keep me connected to all of my "outside of the area" friends.
My LORD and my GOD, three in One, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
My dear family, Dan, Michael, Katie and Grace.
The abilities to read and write. All the other abilities that God has given me, Lord help me not to take them for granted.
For all of my friends. Sometimes you just have to name one: Nancy Myers.
The Word of God, living, active, fire, hammer, sword, Jesus Christ, who is The Word who became flesh, dwelt among us, died, was buried, rose from the dead and will come again! COME LORD JESUS COME!

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