Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Assemblage of Graces

To cradle a newborn infant,
To hear a song for the first time and it brings me to tears,
To drive toward the shore and smell the first hint of the salty air
To witness one person come along side another with comfort and compassion
O to be comforted!
The first bite of a meal prepared for you, the aroma prepared your glands.
A story told with passion;
words meant only for you;
Commitment reaffirmed.
Swimming in a sea of hope,
Sipping the first hot cup,
Cool breezes after the heat,
Sun catching and settings glorious.
Your smiling and dancing eyes,
The curve of your face and light of your countenance,
The sound of your voice.
Laughter contagious,
Kindness in trouble
Love in the midst of war
At the center of the storm - peace
Joy not denying the pain,

© Catherine Mullaney 2011

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