Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still waiting
I'm not a full fledged blogger and I thought that by now, I would just do what I love to do and that is write. I hold back. I get discouraged. I read other people's blogs. At this point I am simply a blog follower. There are 56 drafts sitting in my "edit posts" tab. They are not completed posts, just some ideas "jotted down," some are simply a sentence or two, others a paragraph and I am pretty sure the longest post I have ever written is in there and I just haven't posted it yet.

I just finished watching the last videos of A Year of Question Video project and it got me to thinking, why did I start my blog? It all started while we were moving 3 times a year in 2004 (we began traveling in 2003). It was a great way to journal my way through our adventures. The adventures have not stopped, our journey through life continues and at this point it feels like we are doing it at a neck breaking pace and I am taking it stride by stride, so it is me, I have not allowed myself to reflect with my writing publicly. [There it is - the truth.] What I am going through is deeply personal, painful and exhilarating all at the same time. So when I do write, it is by hand in one of my paper journals with a pen containing black ink.

Michael and I just returned from a road trip. If memory serves me correctly it is the first big road trip that I had just with Michael, now treasured memories for me and hopefully for him too. We put about 2500 miles on my vehicle and I had the pleasure of staying with my daughter Grace in her dorm room. It was great to see our Gracie and be with her. We made an adventure out of it seeing several but not all of the friends that I wanted to see. Life is good and God is faithful.

Still dreaming about becoming a daily blogger and more.

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