Sunday, July 04, 2010

In Our Midst

"How many times have you done that?"

"Done what?" the middle-aged woman answered with a question.

"Prayed with someone right there on the spot."
The older woman stopped the younger and looking deep into the younger woman's eyes, she decides that this young one is genuinely asking. The two walked to the car and got in.

"I have no idea how many times. It really isn't something I keep track of."

"Most people just say something like, 'Sure I will be praying for you.' And leave it at that. Most people don't do what you just did." replied the younger.
"You see that is the problem, or should I say that was my problem. I use to say that and leave it at that. If I remembered to pray for the person half the time that I did, I'd be surprised. There came a point where I was convinced in my heart and my mind that for me, I needed to pray with, not just for the other person, as long as they were comfortable with it."
There was silence and in the silence the older woman rested with the assurance that God was listening in on the conversation - this too was a type of prayer.
"Do you believe that God is in the midst of His people?" the older inquired.
"Then why are you surprised that I prayed with someone who said after sharing her burden, please pray for me?"
"Most people are just glad to have a listening ear and don't expect the person to pray right then and there."

Even in a lifetime, I will only know my Lord and my God just a little bit until I see my Savior face to face.

Come LORD Jesus Come!

©Catherine Mullaney

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