Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Be Known....some initial thoughts

Yes, my face and profile are on Facebook. As a general rule I don't "friend" people that I am not actually acquainted with, however, recently I invited everyone in my email address book and that was not intentional. So, if you got an invite to Facebook and thought "what is this?" hopefully you just deleted it.

There are different philosophies concerning Facebook and different people use it for different things. There are all these quizes that people create and take and share. Today I failed at one of the "How well do you know _____?" It was someone I thought I knew pretty well, so that was a bummer. Thinking over how well we know people, I believe there are people who we think we know but we really don't and vice versa. After having a conversation recently, I thought, this person really doesn't know me.

I don't think that Facebook is the place to get to really know people. It can be a fun place to look at people pics, check out their favorite books, movies and quotes and read people's notes, but to really know someone there has to be a type of sharing that can not really happen without a considerable amount of face time. There is something that transpires when you get together. Even the folks who meet online eventually want to meet face to face if they want the relationship to grow.

There are people that we want to know and be known by and there are not.......

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