Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There is no writer's block here or a cat getting my tongue, just a really strange time in the life of this pilgrim and her family. Today I called a friend just to check in and say hi. She said, "Where are you living?" I said "Marlborough" and she said, "You haven't been letting us know where you are on your blog." I apologized.

Unless you have been in direct contact with me, you have probably wondered where it is that we have gone. As I have said to more than a few people, I quit moving two moves ago. Now I find myself back in Marlborough. I must say that I do like the city where I watched our three children grow, change and become accustom to things and then in 2003 set off on a journey that has brought us back to where we started from. (if you want my new street address email me)

Not sure where we are going, but I am certainly looking forward to all that is to come. Grace going off to college, Katie touring with CFC (ICC) and Michael presently working with Dan and me as we help out at Endicott (Dan's brother Billy's store).....we will see what the fall brings for the 3 of us. There are things that I do want to plan for but without landing, those decisions have to be put on hold.

Here is to living life on the fly. Now writing from Marlborough, MA.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Marlborough. Marlborough loves you!!!!