Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not to be taken for Granted

Brilliant, breath-taking, crisp, is one way to start describing an autumn day in New England. The colors are alive here in Sutton and my personal favorite is the mix of orange and red, a very different type of eye candy. Some times this mix of the two colors looks very much like the color of my daughter Katie's copper red hair.
Today as I was driving home with my kids in a sea of color, I noted that there were some years when I took it all for granted. Honestly, I didn't bother to take note of the Father's captivating handiwork. The trees were made this way on purpose. Soon they will be bare. What a way to die! Full of lively color! It's that the way we ought to live.
May the Lord grant me the willingness to continue to live life for all it is worth until my last breath. As long as my spirit is renewed day by day, I will gladly continue to walk the path laid before me, though the body may grow old, I will purpose to be a child of the King, dancing in His garden, enjoying crunching leaves (one of the best noises in New England) and resisting the urge to give up when I face the hills of difficulty.

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daniel m. said...

Ya know....
That's one of the reasons why I fell in love with you... Your love of life. I really loved reading this post!