Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Craft

During my senior year of high school (yes, I can remember that far back), Pat Stewart was my English teacher. In all my years of public education I can probably count on one hand the teachers that inspired me, Pat was one of them. The only reason that I got to have Miss Stewart for English was because I almost flunked out of the honors English program my junior year and so I was not allowed to advanced in the honors program in English. I am so grateful for it.

A large part of our grade in Miss Stewart's class was our personal journal that we were required to write during every class. The content was of our own choosing: fact or fiction the point was to write daily while in her classroom. My journal may still be in my mother's possession, now that is a frightening thought, because I am pretty sure that you might describe the contents as "bleeding all over the page" or "verbal diarrhea." However, the point is it was raw, unedited attempt to communicate in writing, a dangerous activity, which is essential to personal and business relationships throughout our lives.

Recently, I have quoted from The Christian Imagination and it was while reading it this morning that I thought of Miss Stewart. Writing is a craft worth cultivating just like acting, sculpting, playing a musical instrument, architecture, and the list goes on. "Beautifully written" "Well said" "a storyteller in the making" "this should be made into a movie" or as Luci Shaw said in her article from The Christian Imagination, "my soul crying out to your soul," all comments on writing. Miss Stewart believed that every student in her senior class had the ability to write. Learning to express ourselves through the written word is essential to a well educated individual.

God created us in His Image and He is the great Creator! We were made for creating, that includes writing. He is, after all, the Author of Life. In fact, one of the names of God is "The Word." It is natural for us to be creative in some way. There is no such thing as a non-creative person.

If you subscribe to this blog then you know that I missed writing yesterday and I missed it. Friday's post was to explain that I am writing fiction, since my blog is written in the first person, one of my readers expressed concern that someone may think I have picked up smoking again or that you just might be scratching your head trying to figure out where I am going with this blog. Well, I will be writing the way I always have coupled with the raw piece of fiction which is a work in progress, a creative outlet.

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