Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tell me the Story
is a book by Max Lucado
We owned it at one time and in story form it tells us about creation, forgiveness, redemption and other matters of faith. I sure hope it is in storage somewhere. It was delightfully written and the paintings by Ron Decianni are captivating.
Sometimes, when we loose touch with someone, or you don't show up for a very important engagement he/she might ask, "So, what's your story?"
Then there are the times, at a wedding, a funeral or some other gathering, where you may have the opportunity to share a story about how someone else life intertwines with yours.
Lately, Grace has been talking with us about the importance and power of stories and I recently started reading a book entitled The Christian Imagination edited by Leland Ryken that shares the same message. Both have also touched upon an essential understanding about man being created in God's image and how every single human being matters.
For I don't know how many weeks I have been walking in the morning with my dear friend Elizabeth, we share stories and ideas and prayers as we walk through downtown Marlborough and French Hill (which is now mostly populated with Brazilians). There are two homeless men that we usually pass at different points in the walk. The one up on French Hill I affectionately call Sunshine. One morning as we were passing by he said, "Good Morning Sunshine!" I thought he was saying it to us so I responded, "Good morning to you too!" He said, "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to the Sun." Since then whenever he is there I say, "Good Morning Sunshine." Usually, he is having a discussion with one of his imaginary friends or he pretends to ignore me. One day last week he was walking slowing up the street ahead of us, well he slowed down, turned around, saw us coming, so he stepped aside, as we approached him, he was poised, I said, "Good Morning, Sun...." he said "Good Morning, Sunshine!" for all of the Hill to hear taking the words right out of my mouth. It was precious and we were both amazed and delighted.

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