Sunday, August 31, 2008

The seasons of parenting
It occurred to me the other day that I have not blogged about any changes we have been going through lately. These are numerous but I just want to focus on one: Children growing up. In February of this year our oldest daughter Grace traveled to the Netherlands to go to L'abri as a student. It was a delightful experience for her going over there with two of her very good friends. The director asked Grace if she would return for the summer session as a helper and she absolutely loved it.
This daughter of ours is vibrant, strong, thoughtful (and full of deep thoughts) and a delight to her parents. She is also no longer a child. Grace will always be my daughter but she is now a woman. In all honesty, re-entry has been a challenge for me. This is the transitional time of parenting that is crucial to maintaining a relationship and allowing it to develop in a way I am not really sure about. Even though she is not totally out on her own, she has been expanding her horizons.
It seems like labor has made its appearance again and this time I don't have to take it laying down but can walk, breath, laugh, cry and rejoice in my child who has become a woman.