Thursday, May 22, 2008

If someone was to go through stuff in your desk or somewhere else in your house, would you find things dated as far back as December 27th, 2005? This is the oldest thing that I have come across while packing up. That is pretty old for me. It is a newspaper clipping and since it is from when we lived in Naples, FL, I am going to say it is from The Naples Daily News since it simply reads "Daily News" on the top of page 6D.

As you can tell, I am still on the learning curve when it comes to traveling light. I travel lighter than most Americans but I am still not where I would like to be. My willingness to let go of things has certainly increased but staying put for so long (it will be 8 months by the time we leave here) makes the moving on more difficult. This isn't the first time we have moved and not left a state however this time it is much closer, in a much smaller state. Not only are we staying in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but we will return to the point of departure from 5 years ago - Marlborough. We are looking with anticipation what this summer will bring. A few more family gatherings I suppose since both the Mullaney and MacDonald clans mostly reside in the greater Boston area.

There is still the dream of living somewhere out west (of the Mississippi River that is) and we will see if that will come to pass, in the mean time, there is a box or two looking to be filled. Please do keep in touch.

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