Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am a blessed mother.....

Now writing that from New England can be risky business. "Isn't there only one Blessed Mother?" my Roman Catholic relatives might ask. Not according to the Bible where it says, "Her children arise and call her blessed;" from Proverbs 31 verse 28 That is what my children did yesterday morning. My three young adults thinking ahead with both Dan and Grace leaving early this morning getting on two different flights out of Logan.
I woke up to a lovely breakfast in bed, balloons, streamers and 3 very precious gifts. After we started traveling Grace thought that we ought to scrapbook our adventures. I agreed but I have been terrible about creating pages. Anyway, each of the kids did a scrap book page of themselves and wrote some honoring thoughts acknowledging this Mother's Day. It brought tears to my eyes. What more could I ask for?
Grace is 18 and seems to be just back for visits these days. Katie is 16 and living life to the fullest and Michael is 15 deep voiced, growing and showing greater care and protection of his mother and 2 sisters.
If someone could have showed me even a glimpse of my life today back when I was 18 I would have laughed and said, ridiculous. Oh the blessings I had no idea that were in store for me. To say that I am truly grateful for my husband and kids is a tremendous gift from the Giver of Life.
Wishing all the mothers out there including my own a wonderful mother's day! I hope that your children arise and call you blessed.

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K-Mac said...

I love you mom!
Happy Mothers Day!