Thursday, July 20, 2006

This morning I turned on the FoxNews - wanting to know what is going on in the middle east. Mostly, they were showing the Americans being evacuated from Beirut. It is serious and it is also, more of the war on terrorism. The battle may be between Lebanon and Israel but the war is between the terrorists and the rest of the world. It linger in the back of our minds. However, with click of a button, I find myself at the British Open in Liverpool, England where my maternal grandmother was from. On to the next channel, I found Zig Ziglar encourager extrodinaire, putting in the plug for his new book, Better than Good!
Interest we can literally tune out those things that have the capability of effecting us in the near future or for the rest of our days. Sometimes we don't want to know and other times like when I first picked up the clickah, we feel compelled to know what is going on in our world, in our Father's world. The earth is the Lord's and everything in it. We are His children, agents and warriors. What is my part? What is our part? How am I to respond? If you were a fly on my wall, you might say well look at Catherine, she has gone and made a T-time for tomorrow (that TEE not Tea, so I will be picking up a club not putting on the kettle). Yet, the fly has no idea what is going on in my heart and mind.
Lots of things go on in my mind, like should our family be getting passports, fire arms, and bullet proof vests? Is WWIII just around the corner? Will our children be going to war? My heart cry is COME Lord Jesus COME . . .watching and waiting for the day of HIS RETURN.
Pax Vobiscum,

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Daniel M. said...

Yes Catherine. Interesting thoughts. I've had some of the same thoughts. The world is becoming more and more volatile. Lord helps us to know your will for our lives