Saturday, June 10, 2006

"We here highly resolve to remember that the dead that lay here did not die in vain" this is the inscription that is in the arch of the amphitheatre behind the tomb of the unknown soldier. Below is a marble chair where children were taking one another's pictures. They were smiling and posing not really thinking about where they were as they took their photos.
One of the girls was about to walk past me and I asked her, "did you read what is says in the archeway?" She said, that she was about to go up to read it. I told her that she would not be able to see it if she went up there. She read it, looked at me with a more somber smile. I said, it was because they died you can be here free to take pictures and do what you like. She thanked me and I prayed that she would reflect on not only the words but also the sacrifices that fellow Americans make for us everyday.

It is wartime and still children frolic.

Daily those who have served their country are buried in the Arlington National Cemetery.

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