Saturday, September 17, 2005

On location in Natick MA
Last night my kids and I arrived at my sweet sister-in-law, Shosh's in Massachusetts. We are here for the weekend. I called Dan at work to let him know we have arrived.
The secretary answered the phone but did not state the floor or the hospital. Here is how the conversation went: (secretary's and nursing supervisor's words in blue)
"Is Dan Mullaney there please?"
"Dan is gone."
"What do you mean, he was working there 7-7 today?"
"Dan is gone and won't be coming back."
"Is there your way of telling me, my husband's dead?"
(at this point I was in a panic)
"No, he's gone, left town."
"May I please talk to the nursing supervisor?"
waiting....really nervous.....maybe he just got out early, to come here to Massachusetts and this secretary is unaware
"Hello, this is Dan Fuller at Parkwest" in an unmistakable East, TN accent.
complete relief, embarrassment and laughter......I had dialed the wrong hospital..."is this Dan's wife?"
laughing....."I am so sorry"
"You scared the life out of our secretary."
"I am so sorry...I dialed the wrong hospital."
"That's alright, it will be our little secret."
"OK....I will now go call Dan in NH."
Now, I get off the phone explain to Shosh and Grace what happened since they had listened to all of this transpire and we continued to have a good laugh on me. Grace asked me if I had forgotten to change Dan's work number in my cell contacts. I don't keep Dan's work number listed like that. I have it by hospital. So, I just went to the P's and went to Parkwest which is actually listed as Parkview - I just wrote it wrong and never corrected it. After hanging up I went to the D's and called Dart & Hitch.

Dan is alive and well on his way to MA to meet up with us.

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