Wednesday, September 07, 2005

**It is a working vacation however......children to education, places to visit, conferences to prepare for and to once again get acclimated. There is something very freeing about becoming so flexible right down to having 3 toilets instead of 2 (we pretty much don't allow ourselves to get to use to it, because we know, that in a very short time it will probably go back to 2) or sleeping in a king size bed instead of queen.

Quechee Gorge (A thought)
Twice in the same weekend we headed down into the Quechee Gorge. It is a beautiful little spot, with a distinct element of danger. Katie helped rescue her brother from the rapids. In nature beauty is often coupled with danger. That I believe is part of its allure.
One of the days my brother was with us. He said there is no one coming down here to pull the weeds from between the rocks. So, I was thinking about that. My bro has an excellent garden, he brought some tomatoes and cukes. Delicious!!! Anyway, I was thinking about the weeds thing. In probably a matter of weeks the cold will come and eventually, the snow will cover all those weeds and the Creator will be the Master Gardener. No one does it because the Master Gardener has it all under control. Then I was thinking about the fruit from Pete's garden and even with all the labor he must put into it including the weeding, it is still The Creator who makes it grow. If our lives are the garden then the Master Gardener will also tend it and only he can pull up the weeds and cause things to grow, it is up to us to give God access to our lives so that He may grow and bear fruit in our lives.

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