Saturday, March 19, 2005

Untrained Apologist
It has been a while since I have blogged. My plan today was to post at least 3 blogs but that would be amazing if I do. However, I have been spurred on to at least get this one written. My daughter Grace’s recent blog lit the pilot and the most recent tournament email ignited the flame. (I am asking the Lord to help me channel my passion so that it will generate more light than heat – pray for me)

Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing a lecture on C.S. Lewis given by Marjorie Lamp Mead who has studied in depth the life and works of C.S. Lewis. The title for this afternoon event was C.S. Lewis Impacts Contemporary Thought. It was while Lewis was a Literary Professor at Oxford that he began writing theological books. He did not avoid the hard questions; he asked them and wrestled with them. In a quote from an introduction to one of his books he said, “I am a fellow struggler who writes from one amateur to another…….” He likened his writing to comparing notes with us who question and wonder about the things of God. Lewis was an untrained apologist. In case, you think you misread that Lewis was an UNTRAINED apologist.

Grace actually got me to go to this lecture. It is not that I didn’t want to go. We just have a lot to do for the speech and debate tournament. How did she get me to make it a must for all three of my children? She said, “Mum this will be really good for my apologetics event.” Sold to the girl with the best argument!!!

In Grace’s blog she reminded me of how M. Mead spoke about Lewis’ humility and that his books continue to sell in the millions. Mere Christianity which Mrs. Mead referred to often in her lecture is used in high school and college courses in the areas of worldview and apologetics. Yet, Lewis neither considered himself an authority on the matter of theology nor to he take comfort in the money he was making (he gave it away). “Theology is more like a map than a destination. It is not God. It points us toward God,” said Lewis.

When Lewis came to Christ as an adult his focus changed from literature to theology. In fact, his writings help the church to come back to theology. He challenged the church to think through problems not dodge them.

Mere Christianity was birthed out of Lewis’ radio talks on the BBC during WWII. This is a book that is both for the believer and the unbeliever giving merely the rudiments of the Christian Faith. Although Lewis grew up in a certain denomination, he chose to write about the basics of Christianity. He did not wish to write about things that divide the church of Jesus Christ.

There is more I wish to write about (that hopefully I will get to later today) concerning the lecture and C.S. Lewis, but for now I will have to leave it at that as we are getting ready to make our way to the Reading Festival down at Centennial Park in Ft. Myers.

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