Sunday, February 20, 2005

Edison Festival of Light 2005
Last night we went to The Parade in downtown Ft. Myers. We were doing a townie thing with our townie friends The McGuires. It is one of the few night parades in the country and it was an enjoyable time. Thomas Edison is the man who put Ft. Myers on the map. This parade is in honor of Mr. Edison near his birthday (Feb. 11th, 1847). The parade starts with fireworks. There were bands and floats for a parade that lasted nearly 2 and 1/2 hours. Go to the local paper at to check out more about the parade.

Our friend Pete McGuire had been in this parade when he was in high school (a few year's ago :-). My favorite parts were the bands who didn't just play the music but danced as well not just flag corp and cheer leaders but the drummers and trumpeters too. Bronson Arroyo from the Red Sox was apart of it too.

So much more has been happening. I will have to write later since I need to finish packing to go camping - yes, isn't Florida just Fabulous in February!!!

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Jess said...

How interesting and fun!!!