Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy New Year
Has it really been since last year (2004) that I have posted? Yes. So much has happened since I posted. Grace had another practice tournament. We all participated this time. Dan enjoyed judging and sitting in on some debate. Being able to discuss important matters and look at ideas from both sides of the table is such a great skill to acquire as a young person.

We have also been participating in 4-H working on a study of Marine biology. This past week we went out among the islands of Captiva and Colossa on a boat where we got to see dolphins up close. Some of our friends had not been out there since Hurricane Charley. They were amazed at the loss of trees and the ability to see homes that you usually were coved by Florida scrub exposed. Dan and I could not grasp what it was they were experiencing. The trees that were still standing a majority of them were permenantly bowing. Seeing the dolphins playing in the water was a good disctraction from all the distruction that took place this past summer.

The big Florida sky has really captured my attention as well.

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