Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Reading Day

Yesterday was our reading day. Katie, Michael and I were reading and Dan was working. We read a good portion of the day. The afternoon was peacefully quiet. It reminded me of the Wednesdays of their childhood when we would walk to the Marlborough Library, bring home a boat load of books and the house would be quiet the rest of the afternoon til dinner. It was good to be still, relaxed and not in a rush. Today has not been as quiet but equally relaxing.

For some time I have thought about moving on to a Wordpress blog. I already have a name and a focus picked out. The thing is I want to do a little more research in order to make my blog the way I really want it. Time to really buckle down, set my schedule and do my homework.

This is our first Christmas break without Grace home. We are so happy for her and Austin celebrating their first Christmas together and Grace getting ready to enter her last semester of her under graduate studies. Life is indeed changing quickly.

Well it was as Bono has sung..."all is quiet on New Year's Day....Nothing changes on New Year's day..."  but in a sense everything is changing.

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