Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boston You're my home

I would love to but.....what was I thinking?

For those of you who know me personally, does not take a lot of arm twisting to get me to go to Boston. Yes, I will drop almost anything to go into "town." Being raised by 2 Bostonians and venturing into the city regularly as a kid, then having the pleasure of living in the neighborhoods of Brighton and the Riverway and then in the neighboring city of Brookline has given me a life long love affair with the city.

The obvious question is why? and my short answer is, "what is not to love?"

Not unlike our southern rival NYC (New York City) there is a diversity of people from all over the globe.  There is nothing like seeing all the different nations represented on a sardine pack train on the T and know that many, a great number that no one can number from every nation, tribe and language will be saved by the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 7) It is fun to just people watch knowing that in the sea of humanity we can see the beauty of our Creator.

One of the draws of this coastal capital of the Commonwealth is of course the history, "The cradle of Liberty," the birth place of the original 13 colonies, home of the Patriots (founding fathers not NFLers) and of course, "a city on a hill" according to Gov. John Winthrop. Freedom to worship God is not exactly spelled out in the words, "established by the Puritans in 1630,"but that was the goal of leaving the Mother Country. Boston is rich with inventors, scholars, leaders, forerunners and believers.

The city is compact and great for walking. You can stroll and take in quite a bit but I enjoy walking at "city pace" and getting from Downtown Crossing to Faneuil Hall in record time. At this year's Boston Marathon I walked the last mile from Kenmore to Copley to congratulated Karen Kovaka in completing her 2nd Marathon. Marathon(Patriots') Day is a great day to be in Boston. The city is a electric with a sense of encouragement and hope even if the Red Sox lose on that day. Yet another reason that I love this city! If you visit, grab a map, get off the T and start walking.  (and don't listen to Siri, she does not know her way around the city.)

It is a great place to visit with friends or enjoy by yourself.  I don't really like to go with a crowd over 50 because then it comes all about controlling the crowd.

There is night life in Boston and the most recent time I went in at night was to take a crazy Texan, named Mary Vasquez (no she didn't cross the border) who drove Katie all the way home from Texas to Massachusetts (oh to have the energy of a 20-something) and was hitting to road again, the next day. As a mere formality Katie asked if I would take them into Boston, knowing that the answer would be yes, I said no. (What was I thinking?) The girls were bummed. I was going to put Michael on the job. Toward the end of dinner, I was needing to give Michael written directions for where to park....the long and the short of it is, I took the kids into Boston. We had a great time. Dessert was at Mike's Pastry in the North End on Hanover St. and then it was a quick race through a few spots just to whet Mary's appetite to come back to the fair city. We didn't go to a comedy or night club and there are plenty of those around town, as well as fine dining, the BSO, the Red Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins, MFA, MOS, BPL, the Theatre District, Chinatown, Southie, etc. We even drove down Clarendon St. in between the 2 John Hancock buildings. (Yes, there are 2 of them.)

The Video has nothing to do with the post. I just really like this commercial.  And to think less than 20 years ago, we would only be looking at a TV spot on TV.  =D

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