Friday, January 06, 2012


It is not easy trying to stay in the flow of the digital age for someone who grew up in the last century. (that makes me sound old-ha) The fact is I probably do a pretty good job of it. Many of my friends can't stand new technology and the pace at which the digital world changes. It is mind blowing for those of us that grew up with phones attached to the walls not our hips. Nevertheless, I am along for the ride and most of the time I am loving it.

One of the blogs that I follow is from one of my favorite writers Angela Hunt and this morning reading her blog sent me right over here to mine. Her post shared the lessons she has been learning from her Orchid that had outgrown its pot after 8 years. On this morning, I too have outgrown a "community" for which I have been involved with in one way or another for the last 8 years. Some might call it an extra curricular activity and others "the league." Time to move on and it is bittersweet. My two youngest children, who are now young adults (we have been calling them that since each was around 15 and the younger is nearly 19) went out the door as alumni of the NCFCA speech and debate league to go judge at a practice tournament. My visible time in the league is up yet this very morning I am doing some consulting work for the first qualifying tournament this season in Region 10.

The end of a season in our lives means that the LORD is clearing things away to make room for new adventures and new lessons in our lives. The whole experience of being a part of the league without reservation I can say, that I am grateful for each and every season, tournament, person and club that we have been a part of one way or another. Thank God for the NCFCA and thank God for the opportunities that we have had through this homeschooling speech and debate league.

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