Monday, June 06, 2011

The Power of Words

Young people who can communicate WILL serve and lead

When writing is sterile it holds no power. The words in essence are empty. When “these words” comes in the hand delivered mail we can still simply toss it in the trash, shred or crump it up. Here in the digital world simple hit the delete button. If you are going to remove it from “the trash” you might have 30 days in which to do so, otherwise it is gone.

My last blog post was pretty clean. Just the billboard, the tag line, less than catchy. Not a tag line that would cause one to ponder or comment or even like. It wasn’t bad, it was truthful but held not one ounce of power.

This morning I turned to a book that sits on my bedside nightstand, one that I am reading just a bit at a time and it is written in such a way that I can do that. One that caused me to put it down and go to my computer to write this blog post.

“wherever God uses human agents, he gives them his power, pours into them his life and illuminates them with his light. If men only realized what it means to be used as God’s instrument, what supreme joy came from the least touch of his hand, there would be no lack of volunteers for his service.”

….it is exhilarating and energizing to be an instrument in the hands of such a supreme wordsmith as our Lord and Savior. And this is as true for those whose “pulpit” is a table at Starbucks, the boardroom, the commuting car, or a child’s bedroom as it is for those who earn a living by speaking in church.

In a world bursting with communication, transformed speech proclaims God’s empowering life.”

The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas

“Transformed speech” is something we want for ourselves as well as for each of our children. I submit to you that if we do indeed believe that words have the power of life and death, that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Word who became flesh, that God spoke the world into existence, and that by a response to the Word preached is the vehicle used to give us New and Everlasting life in Christ then we who are raising children for the Glory of God ought to be purposeful and deliberate in the training of speech. I am not simply talking about taking the public platform, but about greeting one another, asking for assistance, being an attentive listener and then responding appropriately and of course, being prepared to give an answer for the Hope that lies within us.

Training takes time, effort and preparation. Dan and I got our children involved in a number of activities to develop their skills. And people know that if you want to become proficient or dare I say excellent at skills you need to practice and one of the best ways to practice is through competition. Our family has been affiliated with NCFCA, National Christian Forensics & Communications Association since 2004. And yes, my children have achieved some measure of success in competition but more importantly, their skills are being put to use to serve others, to share the love of Christ, to have meaningful conversations just about anyone they meet and to encourage and train others to do the same.

Next Blog…..the IMPACT…….

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