Monday, May 03, 2010

This one is from January 1, 2007. It was written after all 5 of us participated in Nanowrimo, November 2006.

I like 'Rithmatic but I love . . .
Reading and Writing and Reading and Writing

As some of you know we (the Mullaney Pilgrims) wrote novels during the month of November. I have not touched mine since then and it is time to read through my manuscript. It is unedited but I am taking the advice to read it through once without editing and then decide whether it is worth my time.
Upfront I just want to say, I really like my story and particularly, the characters. In fact, as much as I have been hesitating about reading through it, I actually miss writing and the story. So, I think today would be a good day to read through it and I will have to report back to you.
Sitting here at the computer with my reading glasses on seems strange to me, but I am so grateful to have the eyes to see, the ability to not only read but to also understand the written word. There are many people today who are not readers, even though "going to school" is compulsory in the US our society is less literate today than when "school" was a choice.

One of the greatest joys in raising our children has been teaching them to read. Each one has a different learning style and personality. And all three of them love to read and it is not just the love of reading that brings me joy, it is the love of learning that each one possesses.
Rithmatic is essential, reading vital but writing is an avenue to express ourselves.

Post Script
I never did read through that whole novel. I did love the story. The working title was Identity Theft. It was a world where children were raised in Centers, not allowed to know their parents and not even called by a name. Everyone was just a number. Of course, there were some rebels fighting the system, rescuing them, caring for them and giving them names with a formal ceremony and making them a part of the family. This is a story about the destruction of the family and how important it is to save it from a society gone mad.
It was one of my favorites. With hopes again of noveling in November, maybe even before then.

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