Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Malcolm MacDonald

Isn't that a great name for a Bag Piper? Well, it just so happens that my nephew Malcolm MacDonald is a Piper and one that I can highly recommend for any event where you might want to have one. The most popular events are weddings and funerals. Now that he is a Piper for hire, I thought I would do a spot for him here on my blog.
Malcolm is facing us in this picture taken at the Loon Mtn Highland Games last fall where he competed with his pipe and drum corp.

Malcolm MacDonald

Just a bit from Malcolm's letter to prospective clients:
"The most requested tune at funerals, is of course, Amazing Grace. Many Pipers, including myself, usually reserve that noble standard for the very last tune. Also, there is the walk-away effect, where when the playing the last verse, the Piper will walk away, creating a fading sound."

If you are in need of a piper for any event, please give Malcolm a call or shoot him an email. He does realize for funerals, it can be a last minute thing, if he is unable to meet your needs, he will gladly find another quality piper who can.

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