Thursday, March 18, 2010

Signs of Youth

Since returning to New England in October of 2007, I have gotten the fever each spring. There were really no surprises with Winter.....cold, snowy and wet. That first spring I was taken by surprise and I am sure that if I did a search here on my blog we would find a little reflection on that but today, today I have the fever, spring fever. It makes you want to roll down the windows, drive fast and play the music loud. I am sure that I had a dumb smile on my face as I was driving down the road. It effects most people and after a hard cold winter, there is nothing more refreshing than a taste of spring.

Sure, it is early, we could still get more snow, but we will take it today. Sunny and 65 degrees with a light breeze is welcomed by most. The fever makes one's pulse increase and helps us to remember that we have something to look forward to and even reach out to those we haven't talk to in some time.

Life IS good. I didn't say easy, I said good. And I am glad to feel like I am 21 and having fun even if my day started early in the AM instead of ending at that time. Here is hoping that spring will stick around.


Grace Mullaney said...

my sentiments exactly. :)

(and I live in Georgia...go figure :P)

Art said...

I like thinking about wearing dumb smiles or laughing at nothing in particular. =)