Monday, July 21, 2008

What Christians need to learn from Red Sox fans

Commitment, loyalty, unashamed, worship, headoverheels, belonging: these are the words that come to mind when I think of those fans who love the Red Sox with all their hearts, souls, minds, strength and even their pocketbooks.
Perhaps you are one of those people who have visited the Boston area, gone into a local supermarket and noticed that 4 out of 10 shoppers are outfitted with their Red Sox attire.
I have been a fan all my life (those who hopped on board in the 2004 season, do not realize the sweetness of that World Series since they did not go through the heartbreaking seasons leading up to that time.) When I was growing up, I was one of those crazy fans. Today, I am still a fan but I no longer worship the BoSox.

However, I got to thinking: have you ever been to a Red Sox game in Fenway Park or any other ball park in this country where the Socks are playing? One of the sounds you will hear,
"Let's go Red Sox, Let's go Red Sox" in a collective chant. And the whole feel of the place is electric.
(even at away games) Isn't that how it should be with the Church and the Holy Spirit? If a bunch of folks can get pumped up for a baseball team, then we as the children of the Living God ought to be able to get juiced for Jesus.
Just a thought as we head into the second half of the season.
Go Red Sox!
Glory be to the Son! Whose Age is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have often also thoiught of our devotion to "our" team. I think it's the closest we come today to idol worship that they talked about in the scriptures.

Grace Joan said...


(and I think it's time for another post from you...)