Monday, June 16, 2008

A Covenant

As much as Emily and Patrick's wedding was a celebration, it also had it's serious side of this is a covenant that neither one of them is taking lightly. There was talk of marriage not being easy, there were prayers and words of laying down one's life in order to live for the other. Thoughts of my own children (Katie and Michael sitting beside me) coming of age and wondering about the things they still need to learn and know before making such a commitment ran through my head. Thoughts of Dan and Grace were not far from me as I felt there absence.

Overall it was a joyous occasion and the Lord was a focal point. It was great to worship with Emily and Patrick as this is the first thing they wanted to do as husband and wife. We were led by Emily's sisters Erin and Lauren. Overall, a great shout of joy rang out as we praised the name of our God and lifted up grateful hearts.

What amazes me most is Emily's patience. Ever since I have known her, she has wanted the title of Mrs. It is a dream come true and her longing has been fulfilled, yet this is only the beginning. There will be pain as well as joy, laughter and tears, good times and trying times and above all the Love of Christ which is the glue that holds any Christian marriage together.

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