Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Two days into the New Year
Life takes us through seasons and to say that we are in one that definitely feels like going into the deep heart of winter, not like those who fall asleep more like those who know that the hope of spring will surely come to pass.  Girls becoming women and a boy becoming a man, at the same time their parents saying what is next for us:  wanting to finish the marathon of parenthood and continuing to struggle through heartbreak hill and wanting to also dream about the next stage.  
Community:  this little tight-knit one called our family is going through changes and it can get a bit uncomfortable at times.  The Lord will preserve us and His grace will see us through it all.  People come in and out of our lives and we are blessed to be here and welcome the fellowship on the Spirit with the brothers and sisters that are put in our path.  

As you change your calendars do not be afraid of the changes that come with journeying on in this life.  Embrace these times because it is in this season that we live.
Thank you God.  

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Anonymous said...

I thank the Lord that I have you to go through these "multiple" changes with. I love you