Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been dancing around the keyboard, failing to write but at least today, I have had some very good thoughts. Here I am thinking about sharing. To say that my insides have been spinning, would be true and that my outside circumstances are continually in a state of change are just as true. Living life is an exciting adventure we are climbing the big one and there is a nice flat curve right before the big drop.


The Intersection said...

You put it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

pure pleasure listening to yr "innermost"

Hull used to mean Nantasket Beach and Paragon Park in our (and your mother's) time

all gone now and condos abound ?

at the north end of the beach was a place to go 'parking'. I won't think of the name until I have sent this I am sure. Up toward Squantum.

enjoy your latest adventure

john dougherty