Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sometimes in a person's life there are certain things that God wants us to remember. 22 years ago today, I had an awakening, I wasn't yet born again but I was given a second chance to live life. I was one of those teenagers who was living a careless and reckless existence and not really living at all. So, I just wanted to thank God that he rescued me from the addiction to alcohol and set my feet on a new path that I am still traveling upon today by His grace.
God used people and circumstances to help bring me to the place of utter helplessness, where I needed to swallow my pride and ask God and other people for help. I am so grateful to have been humbled, for a lot of human beings it is the only way to find humility.
The winds of changes are blowing strong and it is again God's grace and people that are helping me to stay the course and I imagine that it will always be that way here on earth.
I write more about the winds of change tomorrow.

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