Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pilgrim latest read, The Highlander's Last Song by George MacDonald
Originally titled What's Mine's Mine
I just wanted to post a few quotes before I return the book to the shelf.

One of them I am currently using in my email signature,
"A love can never be lost; it is a true possession."

For those of us who are on the pilgrim highway,
"God did not make the world to be dwelt in but to be journeyed through."

Those who long for abundant living,
"...think she(Mercy) must, for she found herself in a region of human life drastically different from any she had ever experienced. Everything said or done seemed to acknowledge something understood. Life went on with a continuous lean toward something rarely mentioned, plainly uppermost. The mother and her two sons appeared to know things which her own people did not even suspect."

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