Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let the stories be told
For those of you who I write a letter to on a semi regular basis, you know the kind that comes via the US Postal Service, well I wrote most of it in October and then my computer got sick. It is still in the computer shop waiting for a transplant. The machine is ancient (nearly 4 years old) so you have to wait for parts longer when they are that old.
At present each person in our family is writing their own novel. We are doing NanoWrimo which is writing a novel in the month of November 50,000 words is the goal. You read that right FIFTY THOUSAND. Each of us has over 25,000 words that is well over 125,000 (I think each of the children have over 30K each). WOW. This is my time on the computer to get some writing do but instead I am posting here. Perhaps I will go put the coffee on and then get into my book. The Title is Identity Theft (subtitle) It is not your number they want but the name that they refuse to give you. A futuristic story of the US being in the midst of civil war, families are becoming a thing of the past, all children are wards of the state and some refuse to let the government tare their families apart.
Recently, Michael got to meet one of his favorite author's Lemony Snicket aka Daniel Handler on a surprise trip to Atlanta with me. The girls went to St. Pete's (St. Petersburg, FL) to meet one of their favorite authors (most of Grace's favorites are dead and Angie is fully alive) Angela Hunt. Katie is the one who really introduced us to her writing.
The written word in both the reading and the writing of has always been important to our family but now for the month of November anyway, it has taken first place. Time to brew in more way than one.
Pax Vobiscum,

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Daniel M. said...

I finally read this honey. You are almost there. Don't quit writing. Let's have a word war! I love you babe.