Monday, February 27, 2006

Hard Drive......woes
Well, unless my brother-in-law can perform a miracle my hard-drive is dead. I am hoping for a Lazarus. Anyway.....
If any of you read this please send me an email so that I will have your address to my gmail. It is (my kids said, "real original Mum") - I still have macsgrill but nowhere to story addresses so that is why I would like you to email me at gmail. I think it(the boring email addy) is probably my more serious side, practical and maturing side that caused me to do such a thing. You see, I don't consider myself boring or bored - as I have said several times to my children, when they have said, "I'm bored." My reply is no you are not, only boring people get bored. So, it is never a dull moment around here(wherever that may be at the moment) or shall I say, on the pilgrim highway. This is me from Grace's computer and I need to get off now. I look forward to hearing from all my faithful readers. If I missed your bday or anything it is because I don't have your email addy memorized please forgive me.
Pax Vobiscum, CM

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