Tuesday, August 23, 2005

All our bags are packed and most of the cleaning is done......I guess we are getting pretty good at this traveling thing....we are headed to VT/NH. We will live in Vt. and Dan will be working in NH. It's funny, this will be our 8th assignment in 29 months, but it is not exactly like moving, since most of our earthly belonging fit into our two vehicles and we set out on yet another leg of our adventure. It is hard to articulate at this time but we all know this journey is challenging and growing each one of us ( Lord willing for His Glory).
We have had some wonderful fellowship along the way so that some dear ones will provide us with refreshment during our drive from the southeast to the northeast (my kids' prayer is God willing NO Hotels, staying with "folks" is so much more fun and warm). There is a strange anticipation for this visit back "home" and I pray that we will be a blessing to any and all that we have the pleasure of getting together with during the short 3 months that we will be there.
Until we meet again, here, there or in the air.

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