Friday, April 01, 2005

Post Tournament Update
Amazing! Enthusiastic, poised, spunky, energetic, entertaining, delightful, strong yet gentle style, confident…..these are just some of the wonderful adjectives that judges use to describe Grace’s speeches and debates.

I imagine you may be interested in how she did with the Red Sox speech. One of her favorite comments from a judge from this event was, “How is it possible that you made a subject that usually bores me and kept me spell bound?”

This morning I was all gung-ho to list how well she did…..and perhaps I will but you need to know something about Grace, she really see this as a place to grow and learn skills that will benefit her throughout her life. In fact, she whole-heartedly agrees with her fellow FUSION debater, Jarret, who wrote on his xanga, “My NCFCA experience means nothing at all if I haven't collected some logical reasoning skills during those debates.”
It makes a mama proud to see her own child staying right sized.

It was such a full week. We hosted an out of town family in our home, so our children all bunked out with us in our room. All fared pretty well. On Wednesday night, we got to talking, then the kids started laughing and I wanted to go to sleep and I did to the laughter of my children. These are treasured moments.

My favorite part of this tournament was that each one of us was involved in a very real way. Dan, Katie, Michael and I were a part of the operating team (the committee is what most of the people call it). Dan and I ran errands, did some judging, assisted the Tab Room, worked in the hospitality room and whatever else was needed. Katie was the official Tab runner which means she did most of the postings for each round of speeches and debates (among other duties). Michael timed in practically every round. Each speech and debate requires a timer. Michael & Katie were also instrumental in set up and break down of the rooms.

In the past, we have told our children, “it is not ok to be proud of yourself but it is ok to feel good about making someone else proud.” (Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. So says the proverb) Well, our Grace made us proud. God has been showing us how each of our children are made and what their giftings are. Grace is capable of becoming a great communicator.

So, I guess it would be ok to let you know how Grace did. She placed in 5 of the 6 events that she entered. She qualifies her to go to regionals in these events.

Original Oratory 3rd place Red Sox
Lincoln-Douglas Debate 8th place Advanced to regionals
Persuasive 6th place Africa aids, debt and trade
LD Speaker 4th place Debater earn speaker pts.
Impromptu 3rd place Limited prep
Duo 1st place A dramatic duo with friend
Sweepstakes tied for 6th place with friend Kyndra. This is given to the top 8 speakers of the entire tournament. (90 students)

Hopefully, I will write more tomorrow. Send congrats to Grace at

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